TRN 069: Logan Seguin

Logan Seguin – SS-VNTRX-34000 – Original Film Soundtrack

2010, 320 kbps

Digitalis Limited 172



9 Responses to “TRN 069: Logan Seguin”

  1. thank you, i really enjoyed this. you have such great taste and always expose me to often beautiful things i didn’t know about.

  2. You can find some other free music by logan seguin here.

    Enjoy !!

  3. Thank you for the kind words, joseph. And thanks for the link, asleep.

  4. Jakob von Gunten Says:

    Thanks for this one, theradiantnow. However, I haven’t been able to open or not even delete track # B5…don’t know if it’s because the title’s too long or something else. Any idea of what to do? Thanks.


  5. Jakob von Gunten Says:

    It does work. Thanks! However, I still can’t delete/play the other track because it’s too long ;(

  6. Have you tried deleting the song in your hard drive as opposed to in your media player? Might give it a try.

  7. Dude, this album sounds great but I can’t do anything with that last song, I’ve given up…couldn’t you have zipped it with a shorter name? 😉 Unbelievable limitation of an operating system (windows), that it can’t even find a work around for a file with silly long name, surely it could just extract it from the zip and cut the bloody name in half when it’s saving it to the disk, I don’t care what the thing is called!!! Haha….

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