TRN 096: Skullorian

Skullorian – Egyesület Deck 7 EP

2011, 320 kbps

Not On Label


Editor’s Note: Contact Thomas to purchase individually printed CDr version


11 Responses to “TRN 096: Skullorian”

  1. how ’bout some of the new gns?

  2. don’t have any 😦

  3. how about supporting and ordering some of our tapes, they are not expensive before requesting rips here mr.gns

  4. skully, do you have a batch to drop anytime soon?

  5. new compilation c120 dropping these days with mayn great artists like andrew coltrane, sparkling wide pressure and many more, gonna slay!

  6. Side A makes me flash back to a rain forest setting from Halo or Halo 2.
    No mention of this record elsewhere on the web. Where is this 7″ available (…or where will it be available)?
    Thanks, and GREAT BLOG!

  7. Sick stuff skullman

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