TRN will be closed until Friday at the earliest. I spilled a couple oz of water on my computer (MacBook Air) yesterday and have it sitting in a bag of rice currently. If it turns out that my computer is actually RKOed then who knows when I’ll be back. If anyone has advice on how to nurture my computer back to health please don’t be shy.

Warmest wishes,


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  1. hi radiant sorry to hear that, hope you’ll be operative soon. tell you that in case there is no apple warranty for covering your problem: once my sister spilled a cup of hot tea over her old ibook keyboard and it suddenly stopped working, seemed dead… I dissambled all the parts with the help of an internet tutorial and cleaned it all with distilled water and left it open a day or so for drying well. the ibook came back to life. of course macbook air seems too much more complicated for dissambling, i don’t know, i’ve found a link that may be helpful:
    best wishes:

  2. Keep it turn off for several days.

    Water should be alright. Mine survived a glass of red wine, but the sticky sugary stuff would keep eroding parts inside of it till the motherboard died.

  3. Yeah I think it should be alright. I turned if off immediately and have had it in a bag of rice for a few days. I’m giving a good week to dry out so hopefully I can avoid disaster and the loss of this site.

  4. It might be too late for any further advice at this point, but if possible I would take the battery out (can you do that with airs?) You probably unplugged it and turned it off immediately, but it would good to take the battery out (although at this point if there is any damage it is probably already done) Water plus electronics only sucks if there is electricity involved, otherwise it doesn’t matter. so yeah letting it fully dry (after the rice I would gently vacuum it and then prop it upside down with a strong fan on it for a couple days.

    The good news is that it’s just water so you don’t need to clean it or worry about corrosion. The bad news is that the result of liquids plus computers is always unpredictable. My wife spill coffee on her MBP a couple months ago and it turned out okay at least for now

    If you do need to fix anything Apple now or in the future is an awesome resource. They have clear and simple step by step guides for everything.

  5. Oh yeah… and another advice…
    For some reason repair-centers can detect if liquid has been inside of the chassis of macbooks. So if you submit it for repair at a later date, you cannot count on your warranty still being valid.

  6. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear this! I have been busy with classes and just have a free moment to do more than look. I’m sure a lot of people are hoping this is a temporary glitch, so to speak, and that you’ll be back purring along in a blink. I know this blog has been a constant inspiration for a trainspotter like me. Anyway, your placing the computer in rice is interesting and very smart. I hope it works. So, if it doesn’t is the problem not having a laptop to work with? I feel like your blog has been so perfect that maybe people could chip in or something. Oh, why did you remove your links?

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