TRN 146: Cleared

Cleared – Cleared

2011, 320 kbps

Digitalis Limited 158


5 Responses to “TRN 146: Cleared”

  1. Ordered this so long ago, hopefully it shows up soon.

  2. I tried to order but seem to be on the ignore list of digitalis…

  3. so, thanks for that!

  4. Brad can be a bit tricky with emails, hang in there men! Also, rm, Mimaroglu (and likely the other usual distributors: Discriminate, Eclipse, etc.) likely have this available

    Thanks TRN–will download soon! Such a back catalogue to go through here first… been spending too much money on vinyl to keep up with many of these tape labels! So, cheers!

  5. Yeah, here it is from Discriminate:

    I highly doubt that Brad has any more copies so going a distro is going to be your best bet. The cassette is great, I highly recommend buying this cassette so you listen to it on the original format.

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