TRN 199: Derek Rogers

Derek Rogers  Populist Context

2011, 320 kbps

Goldtimers Tapes 011



7 Responses to “TRN 199: Derek Rogers”

  1. Hi, I would like to ask the stupidest question ever asked on this blog, to wit: where on earth am I supposed to get a decent tapedeck to play all these cool tapes? Thank you.

    • Heh– not a stupid question. Your best bet to finding an appropriate tape deck would be at a local thrift / second hand shop. You would be surprised at the amount of quality decks that are available for relatively cheap $5-20. Ebay is also a good place to search.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Not that it’s really relevant to anything, but I just got my first recordplayer in about 20 years, and you know what? It is frickin excellent. I’m thinking the way forward is to use the digital computer only to find out what’s new in the analog world. CDs suck in just about every way, and downloads are only slightly less unfun – although they’re so easily sorted, filed away, and forgotten. I see lots of tapes and records in 2011-12.

  4. crystal_rat Says:

    Thank for this one! You have one the best blogs on the web right now! Keep goin!

  5. People of Nothingness Says:

    Thanks a lot for this amazing tape and for your stunning blog

  6. this is why is keep coming

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