TRN 201: Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever  Static Rain

2010, 320 kbps

Gift Tapes 015



7 Responses to “TRN 201: Golden Retriever”

  1. this is choice

  2. funny. People will say, well its just another cover. But I say, this cover really sucks! Dont even bother listen…

    • during the exceptionally hot june of 1939, on a tuesday, in broad daylight, from the darkened window of a grey chrysler imperial, the cover of the debut golden retriever cassette killed my grandfather, silas pup, with 5 shots from a tommy gun, leaving my grandmother, elizabeth pup, and her 6 children, randy, jamal, kitty, sancho, doug, and kenny, without a father. may the cover of the golden retriever cassette rot in hell.

  3. splits- Says:

    damn that cover! may it burn in helllll!!!!!

  4. huh? i don’t understand this chat about the cover…?

  5. red lipstick Says:

    I heard this particular cover has alot to do wilth the war in Iraq AND the present economy disaster.

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