TRN 220: A.M. Shiner

A.M. Shiner  Bad Cop

2011, 320 kbps

Stunned Records 124


6 Responses to “TRN 220: A.M. Shiner”

  1. Count von Rascula Says:

    “not my favorite stunned release” = a nice way of saying it sux 🙂

  2. this might be my favorite tape of the year, thankyou radiant Now

  3. Count von Rascula Says:

    ok- sorry for being a rascal. thanks for your awesome blog! 🙂

  4. tape of the year in my world.

  5. Side B, in particular, struck me as one of the best sides I’ve ever heard on a cassette. I have high hopes for this guy’s career.

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