TRN 259: Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever  Light Cones

2011, 320 kbps

Root Strata 075


Purchase: Experimedia, Tomentosa, Thrill Jockey, Aquarius,

Bucket Factory (soon)

Please support this amazing duo and buy the LP

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17 Responses to “TRN 259: Golden Retriever”

  1. Thank you! (again)!

  2. crystal_rat Says:

    thank you! I was waiting for this one!

  3. Ordered.

  4. its so good. glad to have the digital now thanks.

  5. good to hear about some orders! again, please support the artist, this album is amazing on wax!

  6. Thank you for the recommendation!
    i would strongly suggest you give the new Telecult Powers LP a listen and put that as AOTY contender!

  7. I had one of these put on hold for me the day I heard about it, I think I may need to buy a second copy on vinyl because I will wear out the one I have. Thank you for a digital copy. This album is amazing.

  8. red lipstick Says:

    Thank you again and again. Beautiful LP

  9. Thanks, this is amazing.

  10. Yes, thank you! Finally got this on vinyl after giving it a few spins digitally. Such a different experience, and easily a record of the year. In fact, I think this is going to go down as a classic album. I just hope I can see these two live soon!

  11. i downloaded this just on the high recommendation and all the positive comments… and, pardon my choice of words, but this is fucking incredible.
    i was wondering about what else you might recommend for someone who really likes this… i can’t seem to think of anything quite like this that’s already in my music library.
    thanks a lot, fantastic site.

    • Well if you do not have the rest of Golden Retriever’s work then I would suggest to grab all of it (most can be found on this site using the search bar). As far as other artists/bands that carry a sound like GR, I do not really know any that I would compare to them so I cannot help you there. Glad you like the site.

    • If you enjoy the electronics then you should check out Matt Carlson’s (one half of Golden Retriever) solo work.

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