TRN 270: Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria  The Present Tense

2011, 320 kbps

Stunned Records 129


2 Responses to “TRN 270: Queen Victoria”

  1. Hey, I was going to email but thought I’d ask here on the most recent post so that others could jump in too (so, I hope that’s alright). What do you use to rip the tapes and LPs you post? I think your digital versions all sound pretty fantastic and I was wondering how you do it because it’s simply interesting but also because I would like to do it for albums no one posts (or labels/artists don’t want posted) so that I could have more portable versions.

    • Hi Joseph,
      I use a Tascam US-122MKII USB interface. Connect either the tape deck or record player to the line in on the interface and then use Audacity to record the audio files onto my computer. Then it is a matter of amplifying and cutting the tracks up. Hope this helps.


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