TRN 293: Plankton Wat / Super Minerals

Plankton Wat / Super Minerals  Split c40

2011, 320 kbps

Stunned Records 137


Purchase: Discriminate


4 Responses to “TRN 293: Plankton Wat / Super Minerals”

  1. Oh, so glad to see this here! I just bought this but don’t have a working tape player at the moment. This tape is so nice looking, the art is fantastic and both sides look to be wonderful. Stunned made my weekend by sending along three bonus tapes with my order, the two earlier Super Minerals tapes from this year and the Nite Lite/Jawbone split! I couldn’t believe it. Stunned Tapes are/were the best. And this blog is too 🙂

  2. And in case it wasn’t implicit, I love Super Minerals! And I’ve just got turned on to Plankton Wat recently and it’s right up my alley…

  3. Hell yes! Listening to this on cassette right now and it’s absolutely killer! Great ultimate tape for Stunned.

  4. Any chance you could upload this again? (PLEASE!)

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