All posts will temporarily be put on hold.  I am finishing up the semester and cannot afford the time to rip tapes for a while.  Until then please check out the ‘Exit’ section for other blogs and good reads.  The next posts will reflect upon this year’s releases and what to look out for in 2012.  Thank you to all readers for giving me motivation to continue to run this site and feel appreciated.  Hope all are well.


Carl Koopmans


14 Responses to “Out”

  1. i know how you feel it gets overwhelming after awhile.But your blog is AMAZING so i’ll be looking forward to your return.Interestingly enough i got a couple DMCA notices on odd albums by Paul Jabanasam & Spheruleus.Does that ever happen to you? I still think the free advertising they get is worth it.Have a great Xmas.see you when you get back

    • Have never received a DMCA notice, only had labels/artists asked for links to be taken down. I have had some links that mysteriously vanished from my mediafire account without notice, though. Keep up the great work at Static Encounters, I have fallen in love with that site as of late!

  2. your blog has become the first I go to for the sounds of exploration, thanks for being the best of 2011 IMO

  3. crystal_rat Says:

    Good luck for your semester! I hope you’ll be back soon. thanks

  4. all the best, Radiant. thanks for all the great music the past year and a half!

    see you in the new year.

  5. drakemirow Says:

    All the best to you, Carl. Take your time.

    Thanks for more than 1 year of incredible uploads and recommendations. Much appreciated.

  6. Thanks for all a great blog, you’ve introduced me to some inspirational music. All the best.

  7. hideous gnosis Says:

    good luck with the exams and thank you for this incredible year of music

  8. Желуди В Панцире Сгусток Торчащей Сытости Вне Магнитуды Says:

    Спасибо, Карл. Твой блог на вершине!

  9. good luck with everything

  10. Good luck with the end of your semester! I just finished mine (as a student). Your blog is, as the above testifies, a favorite and inspiration. The Xela posts were fantastic, as you said they’d be. It’s nice the Twells is growing. I am excited about his next phase; his autobiographical fragments (on the soundcloud post) were fascinating.

  11. *that Twells (not, ‘the’)

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