Best of 2011: Artwork

Here are five albums who’s artwork stood out just as much as the tunes they represented.  Lists for best tapes and best long play records are both forthcoming.



Seziki Tetrasheaf / Quiet Evenings   Split

Hooker Vision 100 / Rotifer Cassettes 50



Xiphiidae  Honeyguise

Rotifer Cassettes 43



Plankton Wat / Super Minerals  Split

Stunned Records 137



Jeffry Astin  Grasses Only Green

Housecraft Records 126



The Aloha Spirit  This Is Water

A Giant Fern 5

Note: Along with being one of my favorite cassette releases of the year, This Is Water has some of the most beautiful aesthetics on its chosen medium.  Three, double-sided, full color inserts and a light blue tape with a very Housecraft-esque sticker design are housed in a mindfully crafted wooden case.  And best of all, this release is still available via  A Giant Fern.  Support this amazing artist / label and grip one of these analog treasures.


13 Responses to “Best of 2011: Artwork”

  1. Thanks to you, I’ve greatly enjoyed so much amazing sound exploration this year. Xiphiidae is one of my very favorites. I don’t recall you posting Seziki Tetrasheaf / Quiet Evenings Split &, particularly, The Aloha Spirit – This is Water. Please post! Particularly The Aloha Spirit, as Hawai’i Island’s Puna district is my home where life (for me) is all about the WATER – & active lava. Happy holidays. Mahalo nui loa!

  2. These are awesome selections. The Seziki Tetrasheaf / Quiet Evenings split has a cover that both made me buy it as well being a perfect fit for the music within (especially side A). That last Stunned tape has a lovely cover, also for a nice split. I haven’t heard the other three but they look nice. How did you order from A Giant Fern? I guess I’ll email them to find out I can get that tape. Anyway, there were a lot of great covers this year. Just browsing a distro was a bit of an overload of eye candy.

  3. i’ve been subscribed to the radiant now for the better part of the year. one of my favorite blogs ever. thank you! (and i agree about The Aloha Spirit cassette)

  4. no b.spears? c’mahn man.

  5. A Giant Fern Says:

    Thanks Radiant Now!!! Yes, the tape is still available, but once it’s gone it will be awesome to see it posted here! Have a geat 2012!

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