Best of 2011: Cassettes

This list represents my twenty favorite analog releases of the year.  I chose to limit the following to only what I physically own, which makes the task manageable and stays true to the intended medium.  No links are included in this post but most titles can be found using the search bar on this site.  Top long play records will be the next and final post of 2011, thank you for reading.


Code: Suite 104  Gateway

Tape Drift 45


Calypso Borealis  Auale Dino Elmi

Housecraft Records 124


Indian Weapons  Trance

Hooker Vision 84


Golden Pawn  Workers Lament

Scissor Tail 1


Spare Death Icon  Survival

Gift Tapes 33


Pierrot Lunaire  Turning Back the Hands of Time

Hooker Vision 85


The Aloha Spirit  This Is Water

A Giant Fern 5


Josephine  You Are Perfect Today

Digitalis Limited 214


Nite Lite  Marlene

Stunned Records 134


Bear Bone, Lay Low  Smoked the Whole Thing

Sloow Tapes


Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier  Discovering Mathematics 2

No Kings 19


Brainworlds  •••••

Sonic Meditations 28


Super Minerals  Contacteer

Stunned Records 128


Mannateas  Banished Hues

Housecraft 127


Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Nova Scotian Arms  Slow Architecture 

Sweat Lodge Guru 19


Tom Carter  All Ahead Now

Root Strata 67


Derek Rogers  Informal Meditations

No Kings 9


Concessionaires  Mustang

Gift Tapes 39


Golden Retriever  Emergent Layer

NNA Tapes 29


Voder Deth Squad  1

Stunned Records 125


6 Responses to “Best of 2011: Cassettes”

  1. Any chance to give a rip of The Aloha Spirit This Is Water

    A Giant Fern 5 – if not possible here, maybe at Skulloria?

  2. Great list and thanks for all the jams in 2011! happy new year!

  3. thanks for all the great tunes, again, — and for turning me on to Derek Rogers, definitely one of my favorite artists this year.

    happy new year!

  4. thank for all the amazing music you posted this year- really appreciate blogs like yours that gives exposure to artists that deserve it- way to many artists not getting the attention they should- thnx

  5. Nice end of 2011 !
    thank you for your cool great work on this cool great blog !

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