Best of 2011: Long Play Records

Here are my favorite records of this year.  Again, no links but just use the search bar.  Thank you everyone for continuing to check this site and make it enjoyable to operate, it is much appreciated.  Regular posts will reconvene soon.



CANT  Dreams Come True

Warp 219


Tim Hecker  Ravedeath, 1972

Kranky 154


Grasshopper  Goodnight Sweet Prince

Baked Tapes 41


Harmonizer  World Complete

Software 5


Andrew Chalk  Violin By Night

Faraway Press


Lawrence English  The Peregrine

Experimedia LP 20


Isidore Ducasse  Self-Titled

Blackest Rainbow 222



PAN 18


Higuma  Pacific Fog Dreams

Root Strata 73


Earn  A Following Shadow

Post Present Medium 51


Lee Noble  Horrorism

Bathetic 50


Black Eagle Child  Pages On A Plane

Under The Spire 34


Matt Carlson  Particle Language



Bryter Layter  Two Lenses

Students of Decay 93


Golden Retriever  Light Cones

Root Strata 75


8 Responses to “Best of 2011: Long Play Records”

  1. it is indeed a good list! i´ve managed to find most of the items except for bryter layter. any plans of posting it? anyways, thanks for all the great posts and keep the good work up!

  2. redL
    varulven said the exact same thing I was going to say about bryter layter. Thanks for all the fantastic music and have a great new year.

  3. That release is relatively new and is also in stock through the label along with distributors so I am going to hold off on posting it. Sorry.

  4. Great long play list also. You can see mine at

    I could not get it down any lower. It’s really hard to get it to a decent number as you keep remembering releases that came out earlier in the year that you loved.
    Love your blog

  5. rosyretrospection Says:

    seems like that voder death squad album being missing.. 🙂
    excellent list! thanks for this precious blog!

  6. rosyretrospection Says:

    It was too late to delete the comment.. 🙂

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