TRN 318: Pierrot Lunaire

Pierrot Lunaire  Theme for Ascension and Eternal Love

2012, v0

Hooker Vision 104

Thank you to Mr. Pierrot Lunaire for sending some top-notch releases, more of his tones coming soon. This 7″ not only has amazing tunes and artwork, but is still available! Please support the artist, label and distributors: Hooker Vision, Discriminate Music


5 Responses to “TRN 318: Pierrot Lunaire”

  1. speedguru Says:

    too cool.I just couldn’t bring myself to dish out for the vinyl so this makes me very happy!!

  2. great sounds, excellent artwork and worth the money!

  3. First of all, thanks for the rip, but are you sure this is ripped at the right speed? Hookervision added this on discogs with track lenghts significantly longer (ie 6:14 and 6:24 as opposed to 4:44 and 4:46 from your rip). Scans from hookervision suggest that this 7 inch is at 33 rpm.

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