TRN 322: Brainworlds / Plosive

Brainworlds / Plosive  Split 12″

2011 / mp3.v0 / These Are Not Records 12


More top notch work from Mason Brown’s Brainworlds project. One fifteen minute track filled with epic guitar soundscapes.  Plosive provides two tracks filled with deep drones and treated piano. This is a vinyl rip, listen with headphones. Record still available through the label.

Buy Here: These Are Not Records


3 Responses to “TRN 322: Brainworlds / Plosive”

  1. Thanks for the link to the site’s shop, I just bought a copy. Brainworlds has succeeded at making the GREAT Frippertronics albums that Fripp himself has failed to deliver for many many years.
    Hail Mason Brown!

  2. Count von Rascula Says:

    awesome!! thanks!

  3. I have copy 26/250 – just finished listening to Heliopause. I’m new to ambient music, but have developed an affinity for it. I’ll be looking forward to adding more work by Mason Brown to my collection.

    Now, on to side B!

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