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Space Slave Editions

For those interested, I have started a small cassette tape label (as you may have noticed from the previous post of samples).  The tapes are in their final stages of production and are going to be ready to ship any day now.  I have opened the site up and am taking pre-orders for the cassettes.  All of releases are hand duplicated in real time using a Sony TC-WE475 on high bias chrome cassettes.  The site includes pricing and payment information.  Though my posting here has slowed down, I have no intention on abandoning this site because of my new project, they are meant to coexist and feed off of each other.  Thank you for your support and I hope that those of you who order will enjoy these cassettes that I believe to be top notch!


8 Responses to “”

  1. lesgenssontmechants Says:

    a foot in the right direction i guess

  2. It would be very nice if you could set up a Bandcamp page for your label. I would gladly pay for downloads, but buying tapes is impractical for me since I don’t a tape player.

  3. Count von Rascula Says:

    i am looking forward to getting my limited edition hand embossed with one of kind polaroid print and willy wonka gold ticket too sssspecial ssssslave edition CS’s!!!

  4. bitchin’, my order’s in! stoked for ya carl

  5. congratulations!

    you blog is top-notch, imho the best at the moment, sure that release will follow the same trend

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