TRN 329: Amour & Discipline

A group of exceptional folks have put an exhaustive amount of time into a site that is going to launch in early March called Amour & Discipline. It will introduce a way for downloaders (all of you and myself included) to generously donate money directly to artists and labels. This project will also include collective webzines written by bands, labels, and others. Please give us a minute of your time and read the short manifesto for A&D.

– – – – –

Short Manifesto

Full Manifesto


8 Responses to “TRN 329: Amour & Discipline”

  1. Always wanted something like this. I’ll totally use this on the reg. Fuckin awesome

  2. thanks for the tapes sir.iAnd i’m Evan from Dallas!!! I won’t blog you til i get permission.LOL

  3. got them today but haven’t heard them yet.I actually enjoy the ripping it’s how i hear them the first time.Looking forward to hearing them!!! The blogger becomes the blogged!!! Congratulations on the releases

  4. just thought I’d mention the title of this post is misspelled. It should be “Amour”, as in love, rather than “Armour”. No biggie, just thought I’d mention.

    Thanks for the wonderful uploads.

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