My MacBook Air has recently acquired this nifty kernel_task that runs my processor at well over 100%, which is not ideal. I have put in far too much money to this less than adequate computer, so I will be waiting until the new MacBook Pros come out to dish out any cash. This site will be dormant until then. Space Slave Editions will continue– new batch out later this month from Digital Natives (new Xiphiidae project) and Attenuated. Follow here: http://spaceslaveeditions.blogspot.com/ ::and::   http://spaceslaveeditions.tumblr.com/


6 Responses to “Terminated”

  1. Not related top your message, but I thought I’d tell you that I really enjoyed the Derek Rogers cassette (“Institutio Amet”) on your new label. Good at 3AM in the morning.

  2. i’m not the most knowledgeable when it comes to this computer stuff, so i’ve really no idea what this means… hence i cannot respond properly 😉 but i do wish you well with your new computer. i can see where this would be quite frustrating. i just got a MacBook Pro a few months ago, and it’s no small investment (imo, anyway).

    i wanted to say thank you very much for the grouper. this was the ONLY place i could find it.

  3. speedguru Says:

    i’m a huge Mac person but this is called a core shutdown that has affected a large # of MacBook Air users.You are right to just get a Macbook Pro but upgrades aren’t due until summer usually.I work off a 24 inch IMac that i’d like to replace but just keeps chugging along the same way it did when i bought it 4 years ago.Sorry for your issues look forward to new releases & i’ll try & keep the tape community happy while you’re gone 🙂

    • yes, i am going to hold off until the summer to purchase a new computer, which is frustrating but exciting. my first mistake was buying the air in the first place (my intended use for a computer has changed a lot since then). i would like to buy a loaded imac but with the possibility of moving to japan in a year or so, it does not make much sense to buy a large system. you will do a more than adequate job with your blog, seeing that you post an insane amount!!!

  4. we will miss you until the summer. thanks for one of the finest blogs around

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