Mediafire has recently shut down my account.  Which means that every link on this site is dead.  No re-ups will be provided, sorry.  Starting fresh.


9 Responses to “Notice”

  1. wow, so sad to read this… first it’s a loss for mankind,
    and then on a personal level i had like one day and a half of music from you and the computer with them was lost, i thought i would take them back little by little, just took a few ones back… kinda breaks my heart to read this…
    maybe TRN followers could make a “upping back committee”, like anyone who is ok to contribute ups what he has, and that he wishes to give back ?
    like, this page could be used as a library of the newly re-upped releases, and once we’ve reupped something, on the release’s own page we redirect to here…
    maybe we can follow the highly highly & highly recommanded to start the job…
    then it’s not the huge work that it would be just for you ?

    on my side i had just took back “surf nazis must die”, “our star the sun” (well this one is still available on lee’s bandcamp), the MSOTT / Tidal Split, “Coasts” by Twells & Christensen, Allay by Sean Mc Cann & the Turkish Folg Guitar, and if we start this stuff I’ll be glad to up them back and share the links…
    didn’t even took back informal meditations by derek rogers, so if someone wants to send it too… wow

    that would be cool, what was here is really important i think…
    what do you think ?
    all best,

  2. this site is such a perfect example of why anti-sharing policy shouldn’t be one size fits all. i can guarantee you that because of your work i’ve bought at least 10 records i wouldn’t have bought otherwise, and i haven’t bought 0 records i otherwise would have. if you d/l the next britney spears record, yeah, you’re probably doing it because you would have bought it anyway and $0 is less than $10 on itunes. but you’re not going to buy golden retriever or kwjaz records, as i have, if you’ve never heard of them before, as i hadn’t.

  3. Alberto Boschini Says:

    Well, thank you very much for the material posted in the past.

  4. thanks for everything. the nature of all this stuff [especially your most excellent featured cs cache you’ve turned the world onto] is impermanent by nature and so spell-bindingly beautiful in its momentariness [wb’s disintegration loops for ex.]
    ; this multi-dimensional sound scape present as a blog defies conventions of “music’ and exists by itself indestructibly. “starting fresh” is what living life’s all about-for those living in the only time: now. like camus said: “the apocalypse is always now.” nice one…

  5. Thats sad to hear. I love this site and visit often.

  6. count von rascula Says:

    thanks for so much amazing stuff!!

  7. hey people i was really meaning it about the re-upped library (see first comment on this page)
    if all the involved readers up back some rips, they’ll be available again or at the least most of them ; personally i’ve lost 90 % of my music by losing a computer, but what I had taken back from here, I’ll gladly share it if we all do it

    so who’s in ?
    do we start ?

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