The Radiant Now RE-UPLOADS section information

If anyone has links to stuff previously posted on TRN and would like to upload it for the sake of having a place for it to stay, please send a link along with the catalog number (TRN1,2,3…).  The links will be hosted in the RE-UPLOADS page.


6 Responses to “The Radiant Now RE-UPLOADS section information”

  1. jérémie Says:

    I will start with TRN 157: Jon McCallum : Surf nazis must die
    & TRN 070: Twells & Christensen : Coasts
    I will also follow with Allay by Sean McCann

    as I’ve lost dozens of releases from here, I would love if someone can bring back these two ones :
    TRN 038 Al Qaeda – Hundreds Of Wives Only A Few Are Dead
    TRN 115 Derek Rogers Informal meditations

    so many missing, i hope people will follow this !…


    • hyperenlightened Says:

      Uploaded Al Qaeda- Hundreds of Wives
      I have the Rogers tape also but for some reason I can play yet can’t transfer side B from my ext HD; If you want just side A let me know.

      • jérémie Says:

        thanks a lot for al qaeda ! maybe someone can take care of side B, or had downloaded the mp3 from here and can directly up the whole ?

    • I’m uploading the Derek Rogers now, and will post the link on the other page. I’ve gotten quite a bit from this site, so I’ll poke around and see what else I can reup.

  2. jérémie Says:

    hey ! in order to make it easier for everyone to contribute to this, including those who don’t have a mediafire or so account, or don’t want to use their own or whatever, i’ve created one that anyone can use for this very use :

    it’s a mediafire account, the email adress to login is reuptrn at gmail dot com, and the password is reupreup
    so anyone can just login and upload
    enjoy and contribute !

    • Easymuffins Says:

      Hey I just used the account and will upload more to it in the future. Great idea!

      Love the site and hope to see more posts in the future.

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