Eight new cassettes available
Space Slave is in the midst of moving across seas so these will be the last releases of 2013
You can stream and download all of the releases HERE

New Releases

SS27:  Günter Schlienz / Kyle Landstra / N Chambers / Cliffsides “Swim Trunks” 2xC60
SS26:  Attenuated “Deep Opacity” C76
SS25:  Calypso Borealis “Agaw Shasha” C46
SS24:  Vermillion Father “Sietch Tabr” C44
SS23:  Clime “Two Crests” C90
SS22:  Dark Matter Travelers “Lotus Birthing the Cosmos” C42
SS21:  Cape and Cowl “Revealed in Light” C30
SS20:  Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand “Massacre in Catena Valley, 1971” C58
BNS1:  Pierrot Lunaire “Imitation of Life” C20


One Response to “SPACE SLAVE ::: SUMMER BATCH”

  1. Nikolaus Höhle Says:

    where do you go?

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