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Please welcome Stag Hare and Righteous Acid to the Space Slave family

These two will conclude 2013 for Space Slave and likely be all for quite some time

I am moving to Toyohashi, Japan in February for work and will be unable to perform label functions until I return

Thank you to all who have shown support and interest in Space Slave happenings, I love you all, as if you were my own


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Stream both albums in full via Bandcamp


Stag Hare “Angel Tech” 

Soothing kaleidoscope rhythms glistening in a moonlit temple
Type II 46 minute cassette
Music by Garrick Biggs
Art by Phil French
Space Slave 30
Ed 100




Righteous Acid “Righteous Acid” 

Funky guitar waves bobbing on psychedelic nimbus’
Type II 32 minute cassette
Music by Alex Sarad
Art by Phil French
Space Slave 29
Ed 100